Thursday, 6 March 2014

Guided Reading App

This past week we introduced PM e-Collection into the class reading rotations. The week prior we set up the programme, making groups and establishing each learners library. We chose to trial the app on Tuesdays and Thursdays. This idea was floated as we don't have many of the titles offered online. The children need to take a hard copy home in order to consolidate their learning so the plan was to send home books on the e-Collection days that we either had a hard copy of or books they had pre-read. The first group logged on easily using a pre-made card displaying their username and password. Once 'in' each iPad had to be changed to 'Guided Read' so the words did not jump around and the voice over would not be activated when pointed to by the children. Each page loaded partially and then fully a few seconds later. For being a first day the experience was pleasant for both teacher and learners. The second day of the trial was however, gruelling! Out of the two groups (4 groups would normally be seen) who came to the teaching table the App would not open... either the password/username was incorrect (no matter how many attempts were made)or there were no books loaded in the individual learners library. This is something we have to look into....what is causing these issues.

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