Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Goal: Introduce the stylus pen.
All pens were named  and housed in a named holder.
We gave very specific instruction on the delicate tip, how to hold the pen,  and the named 'house' they needed to live in.
The first use was after a photo session during maths where the children were to collect a specific number of objects, photograph it and come back to the mat to share on the Apple TV. All the children took turns to use their stylus while following the visual directions from the previous day. All the children were able to follow the 'sharing' directions with 2 not needing them at all. The pens were all treated appropriately and housed back next to the child's name. We have come to appreciate the need to move slowly and reiterate the previous days learning to consolidate.

On discussion with Karen we have decided to collect video for evidence of and for a starting point for oral language acquisition. 
This evidence will be collected on the friday of the first week of school and at the end of each term.

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