Sunday, 23 February 2014

New App: 'Explain Everything'

Today we used 'Explain Everything' (EE) for the first time. Karen and I discussed how we wanted it to work within a lesson, what features were the priority and how we planned to roll it out. As photography has been our focal point we decided to go with that feature first. Our old template was used to build a new pictorial showing the learners each step they needed to; take a photo, draw on that photo, voice record the process and play it back. Maths was chosen as the area of focus using a micro group at the table to introduce the app. The intention was to work on numbers that come before and after. Following the pictorials, the learners took a photo of a number, selected the pencil, wrote the numbers on either-side, voice recorded their (with prompting where necessary)and played the process back. The children really enjoyed the process and when the first DLO was played back the look on their faces was priceless as they heard their voice and watched their picture evolve! Karen and I both marvelled at how well it went, both agreeing that we, so far, feel very comfortable with the introduction of Apps slowly and using only those that link and build to support others further down the line, e.g. the camera and understanding of what makes a good photo!!
Next step: Google drive has been enabled on all the student iPads so we can share pre made projects on the iPads. This will open up a whole other line of learning!

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