Monday, 3 February 2014


Today we went over the procedure for taking a photo again. The class walked over  the field with the instruction they had to take a photo of their friends and the horse next door.

Todays Goal: To show the learners visually the process to share their photos on the Apple TV.

Each icon was showed separately on individual A4 laminated sheets. The steps were also displayed on the iPad. Each leaner was given the opportunity to share on the Apple TV using the visual process to prompt them. Each child successfully shared all their images. The process will now be displayed in a continuos horizontal line on the wall for quick referral for learners.

Update: During maths the learners were asked to select a number and count out the correct number of objects to match. They would then share these pictures via AirPlay. One of our learners was so clever they would continually share their photos bumping off those whose turn it was.
New Rule:  Courtesy:  Only one person at a time on AirPlay.... check to see who is on and wait your turn!

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